Hi, I’m Matt, Owner and Founder of Daddy Dog. I am so lucky to be living out my dream job – working with dogs and combining their company and boundless energy with my love of walking and the outdoors. Having been a dog owner for most of my life, I understand the companionship and unconditional love that a dog can bring, and the positive impact a pet can have on family life. I am a bookworm – I love reading everything about dogs – what makes them happy, their emotional and behavioural triggers and how important it is for them to feel loved and safe. I am Canine First Aid Trained, I have completed Diplomas in Pet Care and Dog Walking and have trained with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. I am constantly evolving and learning in a subject that I feel very passionately about.

I have formerly worked as a trained chef and my background in food also means that I have a keen interest in nutrition, and I am a strong believer that you are what you eat. This is equally true for dogs and there is a strong correlation between a dog’s diet and their overall health, the condition of their skin, fur, teeth and their digestive system. I am passionate about high quality dog food and treats, and always use premium brands. Please see the page ‘Doggy Dinners’ within my blog for inspiration on nutritious recipes for meals and treats that you can prepare yourself.

I live in Marchwood on the edge of the New Forest with my wife and two daughters, our 2 female cats, Nacho and Tigger and our Cocker Spaniel, Dudley. Dudley does a great job in providing some male moral support when I am feeling outnumbered by all the females!


professional dog walking software

I’m Katie, Matts wife and I’m also the Daddy Dog Executive ‘Dogministration’ Manager. I’ll be in the background generating the invoices, being creative on the social media and most importantly, giving any dog that I have the pleasure to meet, a whole lotta love!

This is ‘Vera’ the Van. Vera has the important role of ensuring your dogs travel in safety, comfort and style. Vera’s features include:

6 Dual Access, Individually Designed, Professionally Fitted Safety Cages
Wipe Clean Mattresses in Every Cage (Cooling Mats for the Summer)
Spill Proof Water Bowls in Every Cage
Removeable, Washable Rubber Matting
Wipe Clean Walls
Fresh Air Ventilation
Internal Lighting System
First Aid Kit




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