Q. Where will you walk my dog?
A. Our dog walks take place in and around the beautiful New Forest. Each walk is an outdoor adventure – an opportunity for your dog to experience new sights and smells and meet new furry friends. I will always try to walk in rural areas where possible, away from roads and potential distractions. I vary the routes and locations ensuring fun and stimulating environments and rest assured, I walk in all weathers – I don’t have to worry about my hair going frizzy in the rain!

Q. Will my dog be walked with other dogs?
A. Yes, Our group dog walks promote socialisation and playtime with other dogs – I will always endeavor to put together walking groups based on complementing personalities, age, breed and gender, ensuring your dog gets maximum enjoyment from each session.

Q. Do you provide individual walks?
A. Yes, on request. Some dogs have specific needs, require one on one attention or are perhaps recovering from injury. I am able to offer individual walks where this is the best situation for your dog. There is an additional charge for this service.

Q. Do you walk dogs off lead?
A. Dogs may be walked off lead providing I have prior owner written consent and the dog has reliable recall. All dogs will undergo a trial period where they will be walked on a lead or long line whilst I build the relationship of trust between me and your dog. It is then solely at my discretion whether I can safely walk your dog off lead.

Q. Who will walk my dog?
A. All dogs will be walked personally by me. I believe that familiarity and consistency are key to building a relationship with your dog. I will meet you and your dog at your initial consultation. It is just as important that I have a strong relationship with you as the owner, as it is the dog. After all, you are trusting me with your family!

Q. Are there any dogs that you can’t walk?
A. For the safety and well-being of the dog, I can not walk puppies before they have had their full set of vaccinations and I can not walk bitches in season. I am also not able to walk aggressive dogs in group walks.

Q. How will my dog be transported?
A. Your dog’s safety is my utmost priority and the most important aspect of my service. All dogs are transported in my Daddy Dog van – featuring professionally fully-fitted, bespoke and secure dog cages with a safety release system allowing dual access from the front and rear of the crate in the event that access is restricted. The van is ventilated to allow a constant supply of fresh air.
Each dog crate is fitted with a wipe clean vet bed and I maintain exceptional standards of hygiene and cleanliness.
Within the van I have a dog ramp available at all times for dogs with mobility issues. There is always a supply of fresh drinking water available.

Dogs will be cleaned with a towel at the end of each walk, to ensure minimum mess back at your home. I will always try my best to return your dog as clean as possible, but I also encourage dogs to be dogs and this usually involves mud, water and rolling around in poop!

Q. Will you need a key to my house?
A. Yes, I will need key access to be able to collect and drop off your dog. All keys are anonymized and held either on me whilst walking (never left in the van) or in a lockable key cupboard within my home overnight. I am fully insured for loss of keys.

Q. What would you do in an emergency?
A. At the initial consultation, I will ask you for details of your emergency contact numbers, along with the contact details for your dog’s vet. In the unlikely event of an emergency, my procedure is to contact the owner in the first instance. If I am unable to contact you, I will transport your dog to the vet (or the nearest vet) – whatever is the most appropriate in the situation.

Q. Do you have First Aid Training?
A. Yes, I am fully Canine First Aid trained. I carry a portable first aid kit on all my walks and there is a second first aid kit always available in the van.

Q. What other qualifications do you have?
A. I have trained with the Institute of Modern Dog Training and have completed diplomas in Dog Walking, Pet Care, and Canine Communications. I am committed to keeping my knowledge up to date and expanding my skillset so will be following a path of continuous professional development to ensure that I can provide the best possible service to you and your dog.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes, I have comprehensive insurance cover – Public Liability (£5 Million), Professional Indemnity, Care, Custody and Control of Animals and a policy for loss/theft of keys. My insurance is held with Petplan Sanctuary who are industry leaders in this field of cover.

Q. Have you been police checked?
A. Yes, I have undertaken a Basic Disclosure Check (Criminal conviction certificate issued under section 112 of the Police Act 1997) and have no convictions. A copy is available to view by request.

Q. Will I be regularly updated on my dog’s walks?
A. Yes of course – It is important that you are a part of your dog’s adventures! Regular contact also helps form the relationship between you and I, which is equally as important as the bond I have with your dog. I will send short text messages and pictures to show your dog out having fun.

Q. How can I pay for walks?
A. You can pay by cash or BACS. I will invoice after the service has taken place following a one-off booking or for regular customers, a monthly invoice will be generated. Please kindly pay all invoices within 7 days.

Q. So, why should I choose Daddy Dog?
A. I know that you only want the very best for your fur family member and I can assure you that I will care for every dog as if it were my own. I am proud of the measures that I have put in place to ensure your dog travels in safety and comfort and the well-being of your dog will always be my top priority. I will work hard to establish a close bond with your dog, based on mutual love and respect, and will go above and beyond to provide a service that you as the owner, and your dog, are very happy with.

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